Wings of Fire

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We live in the 21st century where science and technology are the most powerful tools. The countries which have attained  excellence over these two have indirectly gained dominance over the world. Countries like Russia, China, the US are taking giant steps towards becoming super powers through ‘technoscientific’ supremacy. In this race, can a country like India burdened with poverty, unemployment and economic crisis prove its potential?

About this book:

Readers will dive deep into the childhood memories and struggles of Dr.Kalam through his own eyes. He talks about his family, friends, his love for books and the valuable lessons thought by all of them. This book is interwoven with his deep involvement with India’s first satellite launch vehicle SLV- 3 and Agni programs which are milestones in history of India. He also talks about the role of ISRO and his mentors Dr.Vikaram Sarabhai, Satish Dhawan and Brahma Prakash and their invaluable insights. This book is peppered with photographs of his early life and latter important events and bejewelled with pieces of poetry. This book is enough to ignite in every readers heart, the fire to become something, to become more.

Why you should read this book:

  1. The book will make you proud of being an Indian by taking you on a fascinating  journey of the development  and success of India’s space technology.
  2. The book will open the curtains to the inspiring thoughts and persona of Dr. Kalam.
  3. That ‘ Indian minds are brilliant and India self sufficient of creating it’s own way ’ is a major take away from the book.
  4. Appreciated by people all over the world giving the book the worthy title of a ‘ best seller ’.

About the author :

APJ Abdul Kalam was born in Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu in 1931. He was of the firm belief that science and spirituality go hand in hand. He became the apple of the eyes of people with his  significant contribution in Indian Space Technology. A scientist, teacher, author engineer and the 11th president of India breathed his last on 27th July 2015. He, with his gentle character and courteous nature has paved way into every Indian’s heart. A man with immortal intellectual will forever be remembered with gratitude and respect.

Arun Tiwari worked under Dr. Kalam for over a decade. Inspired by Dr. Kalam’s vision for young Indians, he penned down the book under the guidance of Dr. Kalam.


The journey of a boat owners son, his childhood dreams, his passion for becoming a scientist, his struggle, his failures, his priceless wisdom and his journey from being a common man to becoming renowned as the Missile Man of India is worth reading not once, not twice but multiple times!


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