Think And Grow Rich

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Original price was: ₹199.00.Current price is: ₹140.00.

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 Think and Grow Rich – What is the first thing you thought when you heard its name? Have you wondered and felt intrigued to read the book because you wanted to know how one could become rich by mere thinking? Or are you felt this is some absurd thing and thought it is not become rich by mere thinking only? Whatever it may be, we recommend everyone to read this book because of the powerful learnings and techniques this book offer. To know more about this book, read the full review, and don’t forget to buy the book on our website after reading the review.

 About the Book

 This book is indeed about becoming rich using one’s mind. But how can one do it? It is possible and many successful people have done it and their examples have been shared in this book. The examples will boost many people to work towards their goals and make them successful. The teachings are so profound in this book, and if one reads the book and takes action after reading the techniques, he was sure to get successful. This book can be also regarded as a financial book in a manner that can help one to achieve the financial freedom one want.

 Why should one read this book?

 Firstly, to know one’s purpose and to achieve a definiteness of purpose in their life.

  • The book offers a lot of inspiring stories which the author described and the learnings from their life that can help the readers to clear their doubts.
  • This book teaches us all the steps that are necessary to find our way to riches and success and the techniques used in each step to convert ourselves into millionaires.
  • One will learn all the benefits of rewiring our mind and brain to achieve our goals.
  • And finally, this book will help us in planning, the principles of auto-suggestion, and how to use it for success.

 Learnings from the book

  • All riches and all plans begin with an IDEA in mind.
  • To succeed, a man must have a definiteness of purpose, for which he should be ready to sacrifice anything and never doubts his purpose.
  • When opportunity comes, it will not come in the form in which we expect it to be. It comes in different forms and that’s why many people miss the opportunity they have been waiting for all their life.
  • To be successful, Desire is the first step. It should not be an ordinary desire, but a burning desire that becomes the obsession of a man till he achieves it.
  • Faith, Love, and Sex are the most powerful emotions. When this faith is mixed with vibrant thought, it can be manifested in the material form. This is where the techniques of affirmation and visualization play a great role.
  • Of the mind stimuli, the desire for sex is the most powerful stimulus which can either make a man or break a man based on how he uses that desire.

About the Author

 Napoleon Hill, an American author was born on October 23, 1886, in Virginia, United States. He became famous after his book Think and Grow Rich which today ranks among the top 10 self-help books even after 85 years of its publication. He had written many books such as Outwitting the Devil, The Law of Success, How to Sell your way through life, Napoleon Hill’s Golden rules, Grow Rich with Peace of mind, Master mind, Success Habits, and many more. This book Think and Grow Rich he believes is from the principles of this book which motivated him to write this book.


Our recommendation, however, is not to read the book only one time, but to read it at least two or three times and absorb its learning completely. When read, again and again, this book can serve as one’s guiding force in life to travel to one’s dreams and purpose in life. Whatever doubt you have about yourself or the process, you can eliminate it completely and move on with life on a positive note. Indeed, this book is definitely a book of wisdom that has uncovered a lot of secrets and helps us to attain success and above all Happiness in our lives.


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