The Mastery Manual

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Original price was: ₹250.00.Current price is: ₹126.00.

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Original price was: ₹250.00.Current price is: ₹126.00.

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As the name of the book says, The Mastery Manual is a real Manual to become a master in all aspects of life. This book covers almost everything from your fear to leadership. It is recommended to everyone who wishes to get a balance in all their areas of life. There are many precious lessons to learn from this book. We are sharing here some of the valuable lessons we learned from the 36 modules in this article.

Why should you read this book – The Mastery Manual by Robin Sharma?

This book of The Mastery Manual is not for you if you are just looking for a time pass or entertainment. Those who want to change their lives and achieve greatness in their lives should read this book. In simple terms, this book will be your Manual to becoming a master of your life. Robin Sharma, author of the book has given many wonderful insights on many topics. Moreover, the author has given the best quotes in this book to improve your confidence. In addition, he has given many questions that will change your life if you ponder on them.

Some of the valuable lessons we learned from this book:



Robin Sharma says that being financially rich is not the only wealth. Physical and mental health is also a form of wealth which is more important. He encourages everyone to exercise daily. The author also gives many tips to maintain good health. Being in good health will also boost your energy levels and help you concentrate better on your work.


Many of us have bigger goals that we want to achieve. Along with that we also have bigger fears which become obstacles to achieving our dreams. In this book, Robin Sharma motivates his readers to face their fears. He says, your greatest wisdom lies in your greatest fear. The author urges the readers to run towards their fears instead of running away to realize one’s potential.


Journaling is a habit that is much recommended by the author. The habit of journaling is like talking to yourself. It also helps to declutter your mind. In this book, the author also gives you tips on journaling. In addition, he also talks about the wide variety of benefits of journaling.


Leadership is an important topic that this book discusses. Robin Sharma helps to awaken the leader in everyone in this book. He says that to be a leader you have to stand out in the crowd and this needs courage. Robin Sharma has shared his useful insights on leadership which he gained from working with various clients.


This book is 100% recommended to all business people. Robin Sharma shares his many values on business in this book. He claims that business is not only about making money but also consists of providing value to your clients.


The importance and value of relationships are also stressed in this book. This book advises you to have a balance between work and family. Yet, maintaining a good relationship is important in businesses too. This book offers you tips on improving relationships.

How To get the most from this book?

  • Apply the tips given in this book passionately.
  • Ponder the questions and note down your genuine answers in your journal.
  • Try to work on the changes you need to make.
  • Read it whenever you feel the need to read.

About the Author:

Robin Sharma is a Canadian based author who has written many best selling books. His best works ‘The monk who sold his Ferrari’ and many other books have sold over millions of copies across the world. He has the magic in his book which will help anyone who wishes to live as an Elite performer.


Robin Sharma in this book said reading a book is like talking to the author. We too felt the same when we read this book. This book shares a lot of wisdom on many topics. For those who need sparkle to change their life, this book is surely recommended.

Buy Self Help Book Online In India, The Mastery Manual By Robin Sharma

A Life Changing Guide For Personal & Professional Greatness.

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