The Good Girl’s Guide To Murder by Holly Jackson

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Book The Good Girl’s Guide To Murder
Author Holly Jackson
Language English
Format Paperback
Genre Fiction
Publisher‎ Egmont
ISBN 9781405293181


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    Original price was: ₹499.00.Current price is: ₹199.00.

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    This book is a rare combination that caters to both adult and young adult mystery genre lovers. ” A good girl’s guide to murder ” is the first in the three book set which became the number one debut book in 2019 and a distinction of New York best seller tag. The runaway success of this book made the author pen two more sequels for this book. The book speaks about the story of a high school senior named “Pippa Fitz-Amobi.” She sets out to reinvestigate a murder case that shook her town five years ago. She unites with a local boy named “Ravi Singh” to unearth the mystery behind the death.

    About the Book:

    The book “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder” is based on a cold case of a girl’s death in the small Buckinghamshire town of Kilton. The case has created a furore among the inhabitants, and the police are still trying to uncover the mystery behind it. Pips, who is also a resident, takes up this cold case as a part of her project and starts to dig around to connect the dots. This book discusses several social issues like racism, dysfunctional families/teens in the society. Though the death of Andie Bell has not yet been resolved by the police department, Pips uncovers that there is a lot more to this case than meets the eye. The book gives us a vivid description of the lives of youths in a small town and how the pressure of being relevant weighs heavily on them. The book has sold more than a million copies since its release.

    The Plot of the Book:

    Pippa Fitz-Amobi chooses to reinvestigate the death of Andie Bell, a schoolgirl from her town. This unfortunate incident took place five years ago, and the police are still trying to solve the mystery. It was widely known and accepted that Andie Bell’s boyfriend, “Sal Singh,” was behind the death. Though Sal still resides in the town, his family has been ostracised by the community members. As Pips begins her investigation, she retraces all the steps taken by Andie Bell. Pep also finds a friend in Ravi Singh, who helps her with the investigation. Will Pips be able to find the true culprits in this case? Will she be able to solve the mystery and absolve Sal Singh of the crime?


    • Pips –  She is a very smart girl and loves to take on challenges. Her approach to the case and dedication were phenomenal. Pips’ character reminded me of Nancy Drew, but only more realistic and relatable.
    • Ravi Singh – He is undoubtedly a very cute character in the book. His demeanour and calm approach to things were mature for his age. His bond with Pips and his helpful nature made me a fan.
    • Andie Bell – Though we are investigating her murder case, she leaves a mark on the reader through her personality.” She is an example of teenage life and the many choices they make as a part of growing up. Her life is both a lesson and a warning sign for the young adults out there. Moreover, the beauty of each character is that the author has added multiple layers that make them more human and not just fictional characters we meet only in books.

    About the Author:

    Holly Jackson is a name that most readers are familiar with around the world due to her successful trilogy, “The Good Girl’s Guide to Murder,” “Good Girl, Bad Blood,” and “As Good as Dead.” These books have become a must-read on every thriller and mystery fan’s book list. The author started her journey at the age of 15, and her love to play detective and watch true documentaries inspires her to write more great literature in this genre.


    The author, Holly Jackson, gave a successful murder mystery through the eyes of a young adult. The many twists and turns keep the reader engaged. The vivid language transports one to the small town and makes one become a co-investigator along with the protagonist to uncover the mystery. The characters are fresh, and the author made sure to lighten the mood, which is unlike other mystery novels. This made it a more engaging and refreshing read. We highly recommend this book for all young adult mystery and investigative thriller genre lovers. It will also be a great start for anyone who wants to read a book series.


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