The 5 AM Club

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Original price was: ₹350.00.Current price is: ₹137.00.

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Original price was: ₹350.00.Current price is: ₹137.00.

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How often have we tried to wake up in the early morning but failed? We have to wake up in the morning probably during our exams in our school and college days. After that, we have probably forgotten about it and those who have the regular habit of waking up will realize how difficult it is. This book The 5 AM Club is all about waking up early and what should we do after waking up early. Apart from waking up early, this book provides many valuable teachings.

 What is this book about? 

An entrepreneur who is struggling with her business and an artist who is struggling with procrastination attends a personal optimization conference. The spellbinder was inspiring with every word he speak and suddenly he collapsed on the stage. When the artist and entrepreneur were wondering what might happen to them, a vagabond approaches them and invites them to his home in Mauritius to teach some more valuable lessons. There begins an exciting and valuable journey for them as well as the readers to learn and to become members of the 5 AM club.

  •  Why should you read this book? 

If you want to live a life where you will provide continuous value through your work. When you are finding it difficult to install a new habit but found it difficult again and again in doing so. You want to live a personally fulfilled life, but you are afraid of your surroundings. To become a master in your life and domain and to become super creative and realize your full potential. And finally to become the best version of yourself and live the life you deserve which is full of success, growth, and happiness.

Things you will learn from the book 

  • The 2x3x mindset is about doubling your income and tripling your investment in your personal mastery and professional capability.
  • The 3-Step Success Formula: Going from superficiality to granularity in whatever work you do to make it a masterwork.
  • About GCA: Gargantuan Compettitve Advantage
  • The 4 Focuses of History-Makers
  • The secret of morning genius
  • The 4 interior empires
  • The Habit installation protocol
  • The 20/20/20 formula for morning
  • The successful evening routine
  • The 11 Billionaire Maxims

 Some of the learnings from the book 

  • Your surroundings shape you, so make sure you hang out with people who wish the best for you and inspire you to grow.
  • Waking up early doesn’t mean compromising our sleep. Sleep is essential for you to be successful and long living. Early to bed and rise early is the fact here.
  • Multi-tasking dilutes your attention, instead focus on one work at a time and make it a masterpiece.
  • Every habit installed in the beginning goes through a period of destruction, keep doing it for 66 days and the habit will be installed automatically.

About the Author

 Robin Sharma is a best-selling author. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari was one of his phenomenal works and also wrote many best-selling books. He is one of the world’s top leadership experts and helps many people to live great lives. Along with that, he is one of the best keynote speakers in the world and a humanitarian doing many helps to society.


Apart from the above-mentioned things, you will also travel to the Taj Mahal one of the several wonders of the world, to Mauritius as mentioned earlier, to Rome, the place that holds many architectural wonders in itself, and finally to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was prisoned and endured many sufferings. This book will help you to grow in many aspects of your life if you apply the learnings in the book seriously.


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