Terms And Conditions

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Original price was: ₹799.00.Current price is: ₹224.10.

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    Lauren Asher

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Original price was: ₹799.00.Current price is: ₹224.10.

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 Declan Kane is about to become the next CEO of his family’s media empire but it is not so easy, there is one big problem, his dead grandfather’s inheritance clause, which requires him to marry and give birth to an heir for the Kane family. It all seemed like a failure till his assistant Iris volunteered for the job. Their relationship was supposed to be contractual, falling in love with each other was never part of the deal.

About the book

 Terms and Conditions is the second book in Lauren Ashers’s Dreamland Billionaires series. The book is about Declan Kane and Iris. Declan is on the verge of completing his dream of becoming the next CEO of his family’s media company but there is a hurdle, his grandfather’s dying wish, for him to marry and have a child without which he cannot become the CEO, after many failed attempts of finding a suitable partner, his assistant Iris volunteers to be his wife. Their relationship is a contractual one, one with rules of how to be in public and how to not be behind closed doors. But slowly they start to fall for each other and it was never part of the agreement when Declan knows breaking Iris’ heart is inevitable.

The plot of the book 

Declan Kane, the oldest Kane brother on the path to becoming the next CEO of his family’s media empire has everything going on the right path to achieve what he wants but there is a big obstacle, his dead grandfather’s last wish or his condition for the inheritance to be passed on to his grandchildren. For Declan, it is marrying a woman and having a child with her as an heir to the family, failing to do so Declan’s father would become the CEO and that is the worst thing Declan could imagine happening. After many failed attempts of finding a contractual partner, Declan is about to give up hope till his assistant Iris volunteers for the job. Iris had a simple plan, marry Declan, have his child and have a relationship bound by rules and contracts when she volunteered for the job. Little did she expect to fall in love with her grumpy boss and never in her wildest dreams she would think he would fall for her as well.


  • Declan Kane: The eldest Kane sibling, he has a reputation for being cold, unapproachable and rude.
  • Iris: The hardworking assistant of Declan Kane, if someone could beat Declan at being a workaholic it is her, she is kind, smart and ambitious.
  • Callahan Kane: The middle Kane sibling, he is what people call a high-functioning alcoholic. Iris’ only friend and her best friend.
  • Brady Kane: Grandfather of the Kane siblings, he is loved by all his grandchildren. He is known to be kind, clever and a great businessman.
  • Seth Kane: Father to the Kane siblings, he was a loving father till his wife died and he chose alcohol over his kids, his kids dislike him to a very high degree, he is a two-faced snake and can smoothie talk and charm his way into and out of most things.

About the Series

 Dreamland Billionaires is a romance trilogy by Lauren Asher which follows the story of the Kane Siblings, Declan, Callahan and Rowan. The trilogy follows them while they try to fulfil their dead grandfather’s dying wishes and eventually fall in love and see the world from a new perspective while doing so.

About the Author

 Lauren Asher is a famous name in the romance book genre, she came to fame with her dreamland billionaire series. She is known for her fast-paced stories with angst, spice and flawed but relatable characters.


 Terms and Conditions is a fresh take on the grumpy X sunshine, a workplace romance, with flawed but lovable characters. There is something for everyone in here, there is laughter, corny but honest confessions of love, a friendship to die for and a love story with sweetness, spice and everything nice.


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