Ram Scion Of Ikshvaku

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Original price was: ₹499.00.Current price is: ₹171.00.

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Original price was: ₹499.00.Current price is: ₹171.00.

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We have heard many legends about Ramayana since our childhood. Those are very interesting at the same time we have wondered about many things that have happened. But, there is a book that will make you exactly walk through those periods and travel with Lord Ram – the seventh Avatar of Lord Vishnu. In this book, you are going to travel with Ram and his life.

About the Book 

The book ‘The Scion of Ikshvaku’ is a book based on our epic Ramayana. You may think this sounds boring, but trust us once you start reading the book, you will find it hard to keep it down without finishing. This book discusses everything about Ram, his views, and his life and it discusses his journey from his birth to the scene where his wife Sita got kidnapped by Raavan. This book is the first book in the Ramachandra series followed by Sita – Warrior of Mithila, Raavan – Enemy of Aryavarta, and The war of Lanka which is available for pre-order now. 

The Plot of the Book 

Ram was born after many years of marriage and the firstborn son. Yet he was not celebrated because his birthtime is the same time when his father Emperor Dasharath, lost his first battle with Raavan. Even the nobilities and the people believed that Ram was born with bad karma that is responsible for the Emperor’s defeat and the fate of Ayodhya that followed. His Guru Vashishta believes he will become the next Vishnu and lead his country in a great way. Meanwhile, he falls in love with Sita and marries her but faced many difficulties. Will he sense the danger and rescue her wife? 


  • Ram – Despite having every reason to hate his father and his people, he chooses a different path and he only showered love and his law above him. His love for law gained Ram respect from many but hatred from some. Even his brothers couldn’t reason his obsession for law when their Rakhi sister Roshini met with an unfateful ending. However, no matter what anyone says Ram always holds law above any other thing.
  • Ram’s brothers – Even when Lakshman and Shatrukan chose different loyalties, the brothers were always united like their families. Bharat in spite of being born to virtuous Kaikeyi, his love, and loyalty to his elder brother were unquestionable. Lakshman protected and stood by Ram all the time.
  • Dasharath, once a mighty emperor, the descendant of the Raghu clan has lost his faith and couldn’t recover it since the fateful day of the war. Being under the strong influence of Kaikeyi who wants Bharat to ascend the throne, will ever love Ram is a question to be answered.
  • Maharishi Vashista on the other hand chooses Ram and believes he will become the next Vishnu and the great leader of India. But he has a mysterious visitor and a painful past. Will it be revealed? 

About the Author 

Amish is called India’s literary popstar. You will know why once you read this book. He has that impressive storytelling capacity. Because you won’t only read his books, you will practically live in the books. Even if you are a person who is not much interested in historical stuff, you will find this book and his writings interesting. 


The author has created and described each character in a perfect way. We will learn through every main character important except Sita and Raavan because they were discussed in separate books. We strongly recommend this book for everyone as it reflects a great way of living by our ancestors too.

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