It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover

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Book It Ends With Us
Author Colleen Hoover
Language English
Format Paperback
Genre Crime, Thriller, Mystery
Publisher Simon & Schuster
ISB 9781501110368


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    Original price was: ₹399.00.Current price is: ₹195.00.

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    Lily Bloom moved to Boston. As a young graduate, she was looking for a fresh start in Boston. Soon, she set up her floral business. During one of her trips to spend some time in solitude on a building terrace, she bumped into a dashing young man. His name was Ryle Kincaid, and he was a surgeon. As destiny would have it, they soon started dating. All was fine until some of Lily’s past memories threatened to destroy her present and future. Certain instances with Ryle made Lily rethink whether he was the right partner for her. This book became the No. 1 New York Times best seller and a tik-tok sensation, urging the author to write the sequel to “It Starts with Us.”

    About the Book:

    “It Ends with Us” is the first of the two books penned by Colleen Hoover. The book tells us the story of three individuals and the love story between them. One was from the past, and the other was part of the present. Atlas Corrigan came into Lily Bloom’s life when she was an adolescent. They both shared a wonderful bond that was filled with compassion, respect, and care for one another. They filled the emptiness created by their parents in each other’s lives. Though Lily and Atlas wanted to be together, circumstances got the better of them. Now they meet under different circumstances. except that Lily found love in Ryle. As the past keeps flashing before her eyes, will the unrequited love threaten the bond Lily shares with Ryle?

    The Plot of the Book:

    Ryle Kincaid was venting his frustration on a chair on the roof top when he stumbled upon the beautiful Lily. Though both swore not to date, life and love had different plans for them. Ryle’s sister, Allysa, was working with Lily, and this connection brought them together. It seems like the whole world conspired to bring them together. Their relationship started off on a high note, and things were moving fast. Both were madly in love. However, the cracks in their perfect relationship started appearing soon, and it had a devastating affect on Lily. Meanwhile, the author reveals the pasts of both Ryle and Lily. Will they be able to accept each other’s past wholeheartedly or use it to widen the gap between them?


    ●    Lily Bloom: an independent, beautiful, and a lady with a golden heart. Her concern for others and helpful nature are her best qualities. However, her resilience towards ill treatment and her stand are amazing.
    ●    Ryle Cincaid: is a surgeon and very handsome. He is a passionate man, but his anger issues get the better of him. He has a past that weighs heavily on his mind. He is a complicated and jealous boyfriend.
    ●    Atlas Corrigan: He is a famous chef and a
    kind-hearted guy.He suffered a lot due to his family, but little is known about it. His Greek godlike features and his affection for Lily win him accolades.
    ●    Allysa: She is the coworker, sister-in-law, and best friend of Lily. Her character is lovable, and her nature is infectious. She lightens up the mood around her and balances her brother Ryle.

    About the Author:

    Collen Hoover is the most famous author in the romance genre right now. She rose to fame with this book, “It Ends with Us.” She has sold more than 20 million copies all over the world and is hailed as the “new queen of the literature world.” The themes in her book are romance, mental health, and a strong female character who stands up against the dictates of society. She portrays several of her characters as women who face various issues and the emotional turmoil they find themselves in. Her every book is much anticipated, and the recent release of “It Starts with Us,” which is the sequel to “It Ends with Us,” was a big hit among the bibliophiles.


    The book “It Ends with Us” is one of the best books penned by the author Collen Hoover and is sure to make you fall in love with the characters. The plot is a page-turner, keeping one mesmerised and intrigued with the situations the protagonists find themselves in. The romance between the protagonists makes one swoon and yearn for it. The emotional quotient and the relatable scenes make one cry and fall in love with books all over again. We recommend this book if you want to escape into a romantic world where love finds a new definition.

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