Good Vibes Good Life

How Self Love Is the Key To Unlocking Your Greatness

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Original price was: ₹499.00.Current price is: ₹136.00.

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Original price was: ₹499.00.Current price is: ₹136.00.

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The people, the environment, the vibes and even the surroundings around us affect our mental health. In order to lead a good life we need to work on them. A good life is not possible without surrounding ourselves with good vibes. Our problems and tensions will automatically make their way out of our lives if we always keep a positive approach through life.


Good Vibes, Good Life is about how knowingly or unknowingly our life’s state is in our hands. By actually surrounding ourselves in positive situations and people we can live a good life. Though it’s important to be there for other people in their problems but sometimes when people are unhappy we get affected by that too. The negative vibes add up to us and we start feeling bad too. The book further discusses how we can live a happy life and stress upon things we don’t even account for.


The book is based upon living a happy life by accepting yourself, manifesting things and finding happiness even in the little things. Life is all about finding meaning to it alongside happiness. We all have different interests and we must seek happiness from the things which we are doing. Furthermore the book is based totally upon manifesting what you really want. By thinking constantly about what you want in a positive way, surely things align in their own way and you will find a way to your destination. The quotes present in the book give more meaning to the title of the book.


Spending time alone– a little gathering with friends and family sounds really appealing but at times we should step back and spend some time alone with ourselves. It will definitely help us to rediscover ourselves and accept our flaws. Also by spending time alone we realize that the only person who is always there for us is yourself only. So we start loving ourselves for that.

Balance to achieve peace– in life balance is always needed. Be it balance between work and relationships or a balance between work and enjoyment. We need balance in our life so that we feel at peace.

Manifesting– this is the most discussed and important topic of this book. The author writes that if you ever want to achieve something big in life, you should start manifesting it. If you think about achieving something constantly, life will make a way for you as your brain will automatically take those actions which leads to success.

Relationship– relationships should not be only about the happy side where you talk to each other about the good things. Rather in a relationship, you should be able to talk freely about the problems and tensions that you are facing.

Don’t consider the negative thoughts of someone else– there are times when the things said about us by other people affect us. We even start to believe that maybe that person is saying the truth and no matter how sure we are of ourselves, we start believing that person’s perspective of us. This can lead us to a negative experience and we should not think about what others have to say about us.


What you consume consumes you; what consumes you controls your life.

● It’s important to recognize that it’s not unjust to let go of those who show no concern for you.

● Self-love is the balance between accepting yourself as you are while knowing you deserve better, and then working towards it.


Vex King is an instagram favorite self help author who is very active on social media platforms. He constantly posts about happiness, personality development, mental health and self help related topics. He is a British Indian and have gained a lot of followers on his social media sites.


Good life, good vibes is a book which mentions the main focus of it very clearly that is self love. The author writes straight to the point and clearly gives the message that self love is the most important thing. Self love is striking a balance between accepting yourself with your flaws and simultaneously working on yourself to be a better person. A must read book for those who have doubts on themselves.


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