Credence by Penelope Douglas

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Book Credence
Author Penelope Douglas
Language English
Format Paperback
Genre Fiction
Publisher Independently Published
ISBN 9781660089055

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    Original price was: ₹699.00.Current price is: ₹269.00.

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    Thought of being a wealthy celebrity’s child seems like a spoon of silver but what if it feels like to be neglected by your own parents, when the feeling of being unwanted cuddles over the love and guidance one gave their child. Invisible for her own parents, the 17 years old girl wanted nothing but a pack of love and warmth, to be noticed once even if it happened for a few seconds.


    One woman and three men live together in a cabin the whole winter deep in the woods. One of them pushes to reach out of the zone of her comfort, the second understands her and listens to her thoughts and worries as her friend and the last one is both fire and ice, sometimes he intrigued her then the other time he attracted her towards him. This book contains some taboo and some of the plots make the line of respect blur and make it easy to break the rules as in the heat of the moment.


    Being a child of a famous producer and starlit couple, Tiernan felt miserable about her existence. Left all alone by her parents she only had her nanny by her side in the ups and downs of her life. Feeling unwanted led her to a life where she had privilege and wealth, but not a little bit of love, guidance and affection. Finding it impossible to escape from loneliness, the shadow she had also gone. Left her alone to deal with everything.

    Being a shy person she didn’t want to be in the limelight, she eloped to her father’s stepbrother, the only living relative now her guardian Jake who lived in the mountains of Colorado with his two sons. There she learns how to survive in woods isolated from the outer world. Jake’s sons, Kaleb and Noah never lived with a girl other than their one-night flings, and were happy to have her in their house. But things got complicated with the 3 men, they felt attracted towards her and Tiernan had her feel confused between the 3 of them.

    One who has her.

    One who wants her.

    And one is going to keep her.

    The silent boy Kaleb’s feelings made the other two to back off. He is unable to express it so leaves his house. When Tiernan finds out how deeply Kaleb loves her, she makes him come back to live with her.



    Mental health

    Emotional trauma


    Taboo relationship







    Tiernan de Haas is an ignored daughter of a producer and starlit parents only daughter, who needs affection and love in her life. Anxious and depressed by her parents suicide, she left to live with her step-uncle as she is under age.

    Jack Van de Berg is Tiernan’s step-uncle and only living relative that she never knew before. He loved to live in his cabin between the woods and the mountain.

    Noah Van de Berg is a young and ambitious boy who wants to leave the cabin as soon as possible to make his dream of motocross true.

    Kaleb Van de Berg had been through a tragedy as a baby that caused him to refuse to talk ever again. He doesn’t like the company of people so he spends most of his time in the woods.


    ● Pain always reminds us that we’re alive. And the fear along with it that we want to stay that way.

    ● People may live different realities, but the truth is always the same.

    ● Everyone contemplates suicide at some point, even if it’s just for a minute. And one thing is usually the root cause. Loneliness.

    ● Avoiding the bad means you risk avoiding the good, too, and I’d rather be hurt than never not feel this.


    Penelope Douglas has her way to express some unexpected views of society. Her style of writing makes readers try to read something different from their comfort zone.


    For the taboo relationship shown in this book people might think this is not worthy of hype. But it’s not true at all. This book is worth reading, beautifully written as a standalone. The story ends on a wonderful ending without a loose piece. Be prepared for some trigger and taboo scenes.


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