Before The Coffee Gets Cold

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Original price was: ₹450.00.Current price is: ₹199.00.

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What will you do if you can go into the past? Where will you go? Most importantly, who will you try to meet? Follow the journey of some individuals who have gotten the chance to travel into the past.


Before the Coffee Gets Cold is set in a tiny café in Japan which has been serving coffee for years altogether. However, what makes this coffee shop special is that it provides the customer a chance to go back in time.


In Before the Coffee Gets Cold, we are introduced to four individuals each hoping to get a chance to travel back in time. All four claiming various reasons behind their intent. One of them wants to confront the man who left them, to get letters from a husband who has Alzheimer’s, to see a sister for one last time and to meet a daughter they might never have seen. Going back to the past however comes with some risks and rules. You need to sit in a specific chair and not move. But more importantly you need to come back before the coffee gets cold.


This magical book has many themes, some of them being

Memories: remembering a loved one can be difficult. It sometimes depends on the circumstances in which one remembers them. They might have parted in good term, or maybe bad terms and all this impacts how one thinks about them.

Letting Go: one of the strongest themes of the book is to let go. This is because once they travel back in time and meet their respective persons, they still have to let go and come back to the present. This book proves that it is about the experience garnered as compared to anything else.

Relationships: this book makes us think hard about the relationships we hold and how they shape us. Slowly as we read we begin to recollect our own lives and experiences and try to answer the question “what would you do if you could travel back in time?”


This book is set in a manner that there is no central character. Instead we follow the journey of four individuals in their quest of going back in time to meet someone significant in their lives. While there are four people, we accompany them in their personal stories through thick and thin and learn from their lives.


– “I was so absorbed in the things that I couldn’t change, I forgot the most important thing.”

– “She wanted to do things without having to worry what others thought.

She simply lived for her freedom.”


Toshikazu Kawaguchi was born in Osaka, Japan in 1971. He was a former writer, director and produces for the theatrical group called Sonic Snails. He has even written script. Before the Coffee Gets Cold is one such adaptation of a play.


Reading Before the Coffee Gets Cold is a journey of its own. Not only are we introduced to the personal lives of four people, but we also become part of them. This book is an eye opener for anyone wanting to discover life, death and everything in between. It sheds a strong perspective of death and afterlife, while it also sheds a strong perspective of the life we are living at present. What I carried away from this book is the desire to live every moment in the present without the baggage from the past. To live for today is what would solve the problem of regret. But sometimes to remember is good. The past is not a dark place. And sooner than later we are scurrying back in our own pasts trying to remember details and memories.





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