A Million Kisses In Your Lifetime by Monica Murphy

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Book A Million Kisses In Your Lifetime
Monica Murphy
Language English
Format Paperback
Genre Fiction
Publisher‎ Em Publishing
ISBN 9781945522291


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    Original price was: ₹899.00.Current price is: ₹279.00.

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    Many things define Wren Beaumont.

    Beautiful and smart.

    Sweet and innocent.

    The girls at Lancaster Prep adore her. Everyone aspires to be her friend. Only I can see who she is.

    A young virgin who is so repressed and firmly controls her emotions that she will almost surely burst.

    She feels superior to everyone.

    She shouldn’t be attracting me. I’m not her type.

    Until we are forced to work together in class and realize we may share more than we previously thought. I quickly became utterly obsessed. I’ll do anything to impress this girl and win her heart.

    About the book:

    The story of Crew Lancaster, an 18-year-old student at Lancaster Prep Boarding School, and Wren Beaumont are followed in A MILLION KISSES IN YOUR LIFE. Their relationship is turbulent but growing. Because Crew Lancaster is a part of the “heritage” of the institution, he has an attitude of ownership and control. Crew Lancaster is more annoyed than ever by Wren Beaumont, so whether or not she wants him to, he makes it his goal to learn everything there is to know about our protagonist. To complete a psychology assignment, Wren and Crew are forced to work together. As they slowly learn more about one another’s lives, our couple grows closer. However, things are not all good at Lancaster Prep when a teacher is discovered to be acting inappropriately. What follows is the growing romance and friendship between Wren and Crew, as well as any potential repercussions when Wren’s overbearing father threatens to put an end to their relationship.

    Wren is the focus of Crew Lancaster’s bullying but underneath their combative exchanges, which quickly escalate into more, are an attraction that is hardly disguised. Wren was initially well-liked by the other girls due to her new girl status, but as the cruel girls began to pick on our story’s protagonist, Wren’s popularity gradually waned. Wren is naive to many boy/girl subtleties, yet her naivety is fostered by her family.

    The relationship between Crew and Wren is frequently tense and acidic, but Wren is oblivious to Crew’s initial disdain for the protagonist of our story. Working together put our pair into close proximity, pushing them closer to their own happily ever after. The sexual encounters are passionate and private.

    Crew’s brothers, Finn and Grant, girlfriend Alyssa, their sister Charlotte, and Wren’s parents Harvey and Cecily are all introduced, as well as Crew’s friends Malcolm and Ezra, Wren’s friend Maggie Gipson, embattled Honors English teacher Mr. Figueroa, psychology teacher Ms. Skov, and the obligatory mean girls.

    Tropes in the book:

    • Enemies to lovers
    • Forced proximity
    • Bully
    • Prep school
    • Good girl/ bad boy


    • Wren Beaumont: Wren is a virgin. She made a vow to her father that she would not break until she was married, and she proudly carries that word through her purity ring. Being an all-around excellent girl, she is admired by her younger peers until her pals start to mature and start making their own decisions.
    • Crew Lancaster: Crew is the premier Lancaster prep school.

    He is the family’s infant, but rather than being cherished and spoilt, he is the final option. He lives alone, abandoned by his father, who just checks on him to make sure he isn’t getting into mischief. but he conceals something. He has been enamored with the brunette since she walked into the school wearing knee-high socks, a school-length skirt, a ribbon in her hair, and a pair of Doc Martens. She is in every way his exact opposite, yet he can’t help but want to corrupt her.

    A million kisses in your lifetime quotes:

    • When we’re lucky enough to find someone that makes our world brighter, shouldn’t we grab hold of that person and never let them go?
    • You sure you want me to be your first?” He drifts his fingers across my cheek, sliding them into my hair, holding the side of my head, forcing me to meet his gaze. “Because after I take one, I’m going to want them all.

    About the Author:

    Monica Murphy is New york time’s best-selling author. She writes contemporary ,young adult and new adult romance books. She lives in central California with her three children, three cats and a wild dog.


    We recommend you to read this book is a narrative about family, friends, relationships, and love as well as about control, money, and trust. The plot, which is character-driven, is tight and dramatic; the romance is sweet and alluring, and the characters are lively and passionate.


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