12 Rules For Life

An Antidote To Chaos

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Original price was: ₹499.00.Current price is: ₹195.00.

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Are you a person who hates rules and thinks that rules are a restriction? Many of us like that. But, sometimes some rules, when properly followed, can help you live a better life and give you more freedom. Confusing? Well, you will understand more if you read the book 12 Rules for life by Jordan Peters and help you in this, we are here another review on this book.

12 Rules for life

  1. This rule starts with a fascinating story that you may not know about lobsters. You may think that what big thing is going to happen if I just stand up straight. But it is interesting and you will know why when you read it. 
  1. This is an important rule to realize and apply in our life. The lesson is explained with the story of Adam and Eve for a better understanding. It is an eye-opener and a reminder for us to take better care of ourselves like how we take care of those who are dear to us. This lesson also explains order and chaos in depth.
  1. This is an important lesson. You become those who surround you. Make friends with people who will be happy to see you grow in your life. Friends who offer you alcohol and smoking are not your friends. In some cases, you may want to help a friend who is an alcoholic or a drug addict. But before that make sure that the person whom you want to help wants to be helped.
  1. The author offers many insights and tips to stop comparing. He also gives tips on self-reflection and how self-reflection will help us greatly. 
  1. We feel that it is an important lesson that every parent should read. The author discusses the effects of bad parenting in a smooth manner. He has given effective principles which will help parents to control and discipline their children properly. The lesson also discusses the parent’s fear of not being loved by the child if they correct their child. This lesson is honest about the bad parenting and the ⁹necessary action the parent must take to discipline their child. Many myths about parenting are discussed here and it will be an eye-opener for many parents.
  1. Every human being born in this world is subjected to suffering in one or the other way. You can choose to consider it your fault or you can choose to blame God and his creation. You can choose to learn a good lesson from it or you can choose to hate the world for its cruelty to you. But what will give you happiness and strength to live in this world. The author has explained this in a way that we can choose a good way about our life. He has also given many real-life examples on both sides. 
  1. This Lesson has many references from history and the bible. The author has explained the expedience and meaning. The author tells the way to choose to mean and make our life meaningful.
  1. In this lesson, the author gives many examples with stories. From Cain to Hitler, he talked about many things. Truth leads to paradise and lies lead to hell. The smallest lies lead to the biggest lies that lead to the destruction of human beings. You should speak the truth, not the truth of the world. But your truth which you firmly believe in. 
  1. The Author starts this lesson with differentiating advice and psychotherapy. He talks about the value of listening. We normally don’t listen properly. We spend most of the time thinking about what we should say next. But listening will have many benefits and there will be always something new and interesting when you listen to the other person. 
  1. The author has discussed the problems and chaos that stem from our ignorance in this lesson. He beautifully portrays it with the story he read. Any big problem in our life doesn’t erupt abruptly. It will always be the simple things that we don’t notice because we don’t want to know that the problem is there. Any problem especially in our relationship can be solved with our speech if we are precise in our speech.
  1. This lesson discusses the psychology behind male dominance and how males’ minds will work. What do women expect from a man in a relationship? The author has given many life examples which makes this chapter an interesting read.
  1. Life indeed is suffering. But, what can you do when life presents you with worse conditions? The author has talked about the cruelties of life that he faced and how he overcame them. Petting a cat and even a dog will be helpful when you are tired and anxious. It will even elevate your mood.

About the Author 

Dr. Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist and a professor at Toronto University. This man has so much experience that he wrote This book with deep insights. He had published many scientific papers.  He had done many jobs before becoming a clinical psychologist.


To be honest, you may find it boring, bragging. You may also feel why the author is not just coming to the point. But if you try to concentrate and contemplate many important details that will be fascinating and you will gain an in-depth understanding of this book and life as well. Life indeed is suffering is the famous line in this book.


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