Other Policies

Pricing Policy

All prices are listed in Indian Rupees (INR) and are inclusive of GST. If placing an order from outside India you will be charged in your own currency at the conversion rate of your credit card company.

All prices on the Bookbins website are for orders placed via the website only. Orders placed by phone, fax (only for orders not with a Bookbins order number), in person at our office or by mail order will be charged differently.

All orders are subject to price and availability confirmation. If we cannot supply the product for the originally advertised price then Bookbins will do one of two things.

If the increase in price is marginal then Bookbins will absorb the increase and proceed with the order and adjust the price on the website after processing your order.

If the price is significantly more then we will not proceed until we have consulted with the customer via the message centre in your Bookbins account and outlined the options. The customer will not be charged for that item until Bookbins has been given confirmation to proceed with the new price. You have 48 hours to respond to the options given to you. If you respond after this time frame, you will be asked to place a new order through the website. If there are other titles on the order that are readily available then they will be automatically ordered, regardless of what percentage of the order they make up.

Bookbins are not obligated to sell a title at the listed price if we are not able to source it from our supplier at the time of ordering as prices may have changed in the interim. In all instances you will be contacted via the message centre in your Bookbins account if there is a change of price and Bookbins will endeavour to find an alternative edition for the same price or discuss the possibility of purchasing the same title at the new price.

We reserve the right to correct any pricing errors and we may cancel orders and refund your money because of genuine pricing errors (either because of unilateral mistake, or for any reason) up to the time you receive the goods.

Online Abuse Policy

As an online bookstore with millions of books from around the world, there is always the likelihood to display and sell content, from an ever-changing landscape of publishers and authors, that can insult or offend someone or some groups – even the most seemingly-benign content. On our websites, we take the approach of selling entertainment and knowledge and enabling free speech and freedom of opinions and expression through books, but not at the expense of, or in specific danger to, our democratic and societal protections, rights and freedoms – particularly those of safety, security and religious, political or civil association. Google is famous for having a mantra of “Don’t Be Evil” and we agree with that sentiment when it comes to books (unless you are Stephen King in which case context definitely counts, but that’s the point!).

Bookbins itself has policies to address racism, bullying and hate within our company and we extend that for our websites, within the relevant Laws and what would be judged in an expected, reasonable manner. We do our best to swiftly assess and respond to reports of prohibited or illegal content on our website that falls foul of these Laws and principles, just as we so choose not to remove content that does not, according to our judgement and within the Law.

What is Prohibited or Illegal content?

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner of the Indian Government describes the following types of content that may be Prohibited or Illegal:

  • footage of real or simulated violence, criminal activity or accidents from video clips, games or films
  • sexually explicit content
  • images of child sexual abuse
  • content that advocates the doing of a terrorist act
  • content instructing or promoting crime or violence.

We expand this list to also include racism, bullying and harassment specifically and intently directed at people as well as other types of content. We have content and categories where lines definitely are drawn at different places within this list – including zero tolerance in many – in considered, educational or non-harming contexts and that we believe is a reasonable and acceptable way to behave in our society.

What we are saying is that we do not automatically take content down just because you don’t like or agree with it, but we do take content down that is reasonably or obviously harmful.

Good examples of content we do allow are books about topics that are widely accepted as educational resources, yet can be potentially offensive; for example most medical, religious and historical books would fit into this category (obviously not an exhaustive list) and there will always be a person or persons who demand that we take that content down, yet we do not. Examples of books we have taken down are bomb-making or other terrorism-related instruction manuals and explicitly-overt sexual, homophobic, bigoted or racist content specifically directed at a person, group or groups of people for the intent to cause harm. Intent and context of the book is important. Even so, we believe we can safely fulfil the wider reading needs in our society within the Law, yet without being necessarily or automatically held hostage to causes or people who would demand us to act in a way that would enforce their own views onto us and our readers. At the end of the day we take a non-radical, lawful and reasonable approach to what we sell and display on our websites and we do not tolerate Cyber Abuse.

What is Cyber Abuse?

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner of the Indian Government defines Cyber abuse as online behaviour which is reasonably likely to have a seriously threatening, intimidating, harassing or humiliating effect on a person. It is behaviour that threatens to hurt a person socially, psychologically or even physically. As above, we have a very low tolerance for this type of content and we welcome you to report it to us.

Have something on our website to report?

Please send an email to bookbinsbookstore@gmail.com We will consider your view and if we deem it appropriate to act, then we will do so.

Cover Images& Website Content

The images on our website are intended as a guide only. As Bookbins does not keep every title in stock on site we are unable to guarantee the cover image that arrives from the supplier, will be that listed on the site. Publishers can have various cover designs for one ISBN so images can change without notification.

Disclaimer: Images used on our website are our own or freely available online under Fair Use Policies. You can neither use any image from our website not use our book reviews/content without asking. We may claim it under our Trademark & Registration.

Secure Shopping

Bookbins encrypts all personal information submitted to our server via industry-standard SSL.