Benefits of Reading

Mental Health Benifits Of Book Reading

Mental Health Benifits

What exactly one can gain from reading books? Is Reading is merely a source of entertainment, or the benefits are beyond it? The scientific and research based answer is “yes” Reading comes with so many physical and psychological benefits helpful for the overall Human health.

Ensuring you are taking care of your mental health and prioritising your mental health is the necessity these days and one of the best ways to take charge of your wellness and mental health can be done by picking up your favourite book or just a random book. Reading books are beneficial for your physical and mental health.

Reading is not only great way to stay occupied and entertained, but also it is a great source to improve your overall mental health. From autobiographies to fiction books, there is a book for everyone to enjoy.

Let’s discuss 5 magical Mental Health benefits of reading:

1. Reading Reduces Stress

Today everyone is facing stress in one or the other forms and one of the best ways to escape from Stress is to do it is through reading. Reading a book helps us to come out of the stressful situation and help our minds to get some escapism and relaxation. In a recent survey, around 70% people claimed that reading have actually decreased their stress levels and they found it more effective than other things like having a cup of tea or listening to music. They even found that reading for as little as six minutes can have a huge impact on stress. Another research concluded that just 30 minutes of reading is equivalent to 30 minute Meditation Session and it can can reduce almost the same level of stress.

2. Bedtime Reading for Peaceful and Stress-free Sleep

Good night’s sleep and proper sleep is essential for maintaining overall health. It recharge our bodies and energise us for the next day. But getting good sleep is not always easy. Including reading to your Bedtime routine can help you get peaceful sleep. Choosing a book over your phone can help you relax before bed and can give you proper sleep.


Bedtime Reading for Peaceful and Stress-free Sleep

3. Reading strengthens your brain

A recent research found that reading has the potential to change mind. Researches even confirmed that reading involves a complex network of signals in the brain strengthening the functioning of the brain.

4. Helps Relieving depression symptoms

Depressed people feel isolated and lovely lonely they find themselves different from others. And this feeling of isolation can be increased by Reading. Reading books allow you to get temporary escapism from your world and involve you in the beautiful experiences of the characters also they teach you the ways that might can help you manage symptoms. When everything else fails, Books are there. Books never leave anyone, they complete everyone’s life.

Helps Relieving depression symptoms

5. Best Help for Mental Illness

Reading is a therapy that can be used for treating Mental Illness. Today even doctor’s are prescribing books to specifically help with things like grief, anxiety, stress or depression. Motivational books have become a great help to people with mental health issues. Not only Motivational books, but also Reading fiction books can help people who may be dealing with depression and also can make you feel more connected. They engage you and connect you emotionally to the characters and help you relate your own feelings, problems and desires.

Reading is an amazing therapy that can help you lead a happy and stress free life. Research shows that regular reading:

  • improves brain connectivity
  • increases your vocabulary and comprehension
  • empowers you to empathize with other people
  • aids in sleep readiness
  • reduces stress
  • lowers blood pressure and heart rate
  • fights depression symptoms
  • prevents cognitive decline as you age
  • contributes to a longer life

Now the question comes What should be picked for reading? The shortest answer is: Whatever you can get start with that, It’s never too late to begin. So what are you waiting for, pick your book and develop the magical habit of Reading. Also remember so many physical and psychological benefits are waiting for you in the pages of your book

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