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“There is no friend as loyal as a Book”

Greetings, readers!

I am so happy to see you here!

It is said that the right book can change the course of your life in a fraction of a second, and I completely believe that it is true. As a reader, we have access to any part of the universe without stepping out of the comfort of our home. Reading is an exhilarating journey to the unknown, and I am grateful to have been a lifelong traveller of these journeys.

Doctor by the day, and reader by night, I never quite lost my fascination towards books. I hoarded as many books as I could, and got lost in my own world without a care in the world. This inspired me to start this online marketplace for books. Bookbins is not a mere business to me. I have poured my heart into curating the best books for my store and each piece I own has a part of my heart with it.

My love of reading stems from my complex neurological wiring, which viscerally connects the non-fictional and fictional worlds, resulting in a delightful interdisciplinary approach. I’ve built a tiny library at my home throughout the years. Books are a narcotic for me. This path, I suppose, has a plethora of glittering domains to offer both readers and vendors at its resort. When I have a little money, I buy books; if I have any left over, I buy food and clothes! – as Erasmus put it.

We provide a large selection of fiction, nonfiction, biographies, history, religions, self-help, and children’s books. We also have a large selection of Investments and Management, Computers, Engineering, Medical, College, and School text references books that have been recommended by various institutes as part of their curriculum across the country.

We strive to improve customer satisfaction by providing an easy-to-use search engine, quick and simple payment options, and faster delivery systems. On the plus side, we are eager to provide exciting offers and attractive discounts on our books.

We also sincerely encourage all sellers across the country to join us as partners. We will undoubtedly give you a platform on which to launch a slew of other domains and expand the “Bookbins” family. We’d want to express our gratitude for shopping with us. You can write to us at “bookbinbookstore@gmail.com” with any fresh ideas, which will help us improve for the reader’s delight.


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  1. Puronjit Banerjee says:

    And also the Books contain inclusive exclusive contents for every aspect of needs of life that are necessary these days.

  2. Puronjit Banerjee says:

    I loved the way of presentation, this place seems to be arranged and proper and Open to readers and book weeds all across the world.. the collection is superb , the Blogs are engaging, all over loved every bit of it

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