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It’s late in the evening, and you’re ready to snuggle in with a good book. As you make yourself comfortable at your favorite corner, you consider the books stacked on the nearby end table. Then you notice your favourite novel written one of your favorite Writers. Perfect! You are definitely in the mood for a good story. You’ll read the fiction book.

A work of fiction is created in the imagination of a writer. The writer builds the story and creates the characters, the storyline, the dialogues and even the setting of the storyline. A fictional draft does not have anything to do with true incidents or stories. Instead, they immerse us in experiences that are not real infact we may never have those in real life, introduces us to types of people we may never otherwise meet, and takes us to places we may never would have visited in any other way. Fictional Books can inspire us, intrigue us, scare us and engage us in new worlds and ideas. It helps us to see ourselves and our world in new and interesting ways. What’s more, it’s often just plain fun!

What is Fiction Writing?

Fiction writing is narrative writing that involves elements of plot and character created entirely by the writer. There are many different forms of fiction writing, but one thing that they all have in common is that a large portion of their source material is created by the writer only.

6 Types of Fiction Writing

Fiction is classified into different types, genres of this fiction are generally classified on the basis of their subject matter.

The most popular forms of fiction include:

Fiction Book Collection
1. Historical fiction: Characters of Historical Fiction are generally based on real people and on real-life incidents. Most elements of the plot are drafted by the Writer.
2. Literary fiction: It describes mainstream highbrow fiction, encompassing most of the books taught in high school English courses. They generally depicts nuanced themes and incorporates literary devices.
3. Mystery fiction: Mystery fiction is a genre revolving around crime or mystery. Stories of Mystery Fiction focus on a crime, mysterious situation, or circumstances unsolved.
4. Science fiction: It is a genre of theoretical and speculative fiction typically dealing with logical, scientifical and futuristic concepts like science and technology, space, parallel universes, extraterrestrial life, dystopian societies, etc.
5. Children’s fiction: Children’s fiction also known as juvenile literature includes stories, books, poems created for children. This fiction encompasses wide range including books for toddlers to young adult novels.
6. Fanfiction: Fanfiction is a genre written by fans featuring characters from TV series, films, novel characters etc.

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