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7 Ways to Build A Healthy Relationship with Books!

7 Ways to Build A Healthy Relationship with Books!

“Collect books, even if you don’t plan on reading them right away. Nothing is more important than an unread library.”

– John Waters

Purchase books and let them pile up, unread. Surely this will help you to make a connection with books!

There is something magical something special about reading. And that’s why people love to read books and find pleasure in reading. You yourself can make a beautiful and healthier relationship with Books simply following these tips.

This blog contains 7 most effective ways that will help you to build a Healthy Relationship with Books.

Start your Day by Reading

Early mornings are the perfect time when work and other things have weakest grip, that’s when you should Read. Mornings are indeed the best time for reading.

Learn to Read in the right way

Before you start reading, try to learn how you should read. Push yourself to interact with meaningless lines from your Novel till it transform into stories and characters. Try to connect with your Novel, it’s characters and emotions . Reading is an exercise that requires consistency, dedication patience and commitment, where you should try to strive to achieve more and more .

Read with a Pencil

Reading with a pencil is an effective way to connect with books, underlining or highlighting or making notes, etc. will keep you more engaged with your book, which in return will give you a more enjoyable experience. Reading with pencil will even lead to better memory in the long-term, contributing to a more satisfactory experience of reading.

Make your Book Buddy

Your book Buddy could help you to build a strong and healthy relationship with Books. Your book Buddy can be a friend or relative ke known with whom you can share similar taste in books and even exchange recommendations and thoughts. Reading Books with your book Buddy will enhance pleasure of your reading experience and will also help you to build healthy connection with books allowing you to achieve your reading goals .

Read in Short Breaks

For most of the people, building a consistent reading habit is the way to build a finer reading habit. But that surely does not mean it is the only way to read. Infact, for some people, reading in short breaks has come out to be better way to continue and preserve their reading habit. For beginners it is not mandatory to 1 hour to reading, few pages of a book with consistency could also do wonders.

Define your Reading Purpose

Define your Reading Purpose, your reading purpose could be personal! But it is very important to know your reason to read. Identifying the purpose of your reading habit is very important because the key to build any habit for a long-term is to make it a part of your identity. And do not forget to remind yourself, why you started your reading habit journey.

Practice distraction-free reading

Getting distracted these days is so easy, therefore it’s very important to create distraction free reading environment, stress free environment helps you to focus on your reading. Remove distractions around you, and focus completely on reading.

Buy Books Online

Developing a healthy Reading Habit for long run is not so easy, but not Impossible as well! If you find out out why you want to build a healthy Reading Habit and strive to work for this by implementing & following strong system, you can definitely build a Strong and Healthier Reading Habit.


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